Jorge Gutiérrez Aceves, M.D.
Urology, Endourology and Robotic Surgery
Guadalajara, Mexico

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EAU Recommends HIFU treatment for Prostate Cancer in the 2014 Guidelines.

About Us


Prostate Institute


We are a medical institution focused to offer excellence in health care with human quality.
We maintain a continuous medical education and sensitization of the personnel that integrates the Prostate Institute, the formation of a prestigious medical staff and continuous acquisition of modern equipment are the proof of our interest in meeting the needs of our patients day by day.




Members of Prostate Institute have the absolute conviction that the pursuit of excellence in diagnosis, in the treatment indication and application, as difficult as it may be, is the only reasonable way of medicine.




Offer our patients the participation in their treatment of medical staff with proven experience and highly specialized in its pathology, for which we have the support of a medical specialist group for proper treatment.




The Prostate Institute is constituted by an expertise committee, integrated by a multidisciplinary group of urologists and related physicians which has the following goals:

  • Permanently advise the Institute about the latest and advanced techniques that are under development in any part of the world.

  • Evaluate the accuracy and the outcomes of the diagnostic techniques.

  • Advise the Institute about the treatments and diagnostic techniques that provide the best balance between risk and benefit results to the patient.

  • Propose research activities in collaboration with national and international centers, pharmaceutical laboratories, universities, etc.